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At an average two dozen people are killed in metropolis Karachi. Those at the helm of affairs at the provincial government say, "Deaths of this magnitude may get headlines in newspapers but must be considered normal for a city inhibiting 20 million people belonging to different cast and creeds". At the federal level often apprehensions are expressed of involvement of foreign hands. But residents of the city have a consensus that 'mercenaries coming from other parts of the country and even foreigners come to the city to collect booty and every one refusing to comply with is killed to terrorize the others'. They also say that now these terrorists are embedded in law enforcing agencies and neither the police nor the courts of law can punish the perpetrators. After prolonged investigations accused are acquitted due to 'lack of evidence'.
The other day senior Khushnood Sheikh, Senior Reporter of APP died in an accident. As usual police has termed it 'hit and run' case but family members, friends and colleagues insist 'it is a case of targeted killing'. They say Sheikh has been receiving threats of 'dire consequences' and for a brief period he went away from Karachi but could not stay away from home and job for long. No sooner did he come back killers started tracking him and instead of opening fire at him chose to hit him with a speedy car that night.
The Supreme Court of Pakistan issued a show-cause notice to the Inspector General of Sindh Police and ordered the suspension of 423 personnel of the provincial police involved in illegal activities on Tuesday. The larger bench of the Supreme Court led by Justice Anwer Zaheer Jamali was hearing the case expressed its dissatisfaction and issued a show-cause notice to Sindh Police IG Fayyaz Leghari. In its remarks the court inquired as to why were 430 policemen, who were involved in illegal activities, not suspended and still posted for duties. The court further remarked that not only were the corrupt policemen performing duties but were posted at sensitive locations as well. These remarks give credence to the conspiracy theory that the perpetrators are embedded in law enforcing agencies.
There also seems some credence in another conspiracy theory that killers are getting funds and arms from outside and they are so well trained and equipped that law enforcing agencies often appear helpless. In the recent uprising in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) it has been proved beyond doubt that rebels were funded, given training and provided most lethal weapons by many countries.
According to a report published in The Washington Post rebel in Syria are being supplied heavy weaponry by outside powers. The new armaments, including anti-tank weapons and recoilless rifles, have been sent into the province of Daraa to support the groups fighting in the south. The arms are the first heavy weapons known to have been supplied by outside powers to the rebels battling to topple President Bashar al-Assad against whom the uprising began nearly two years ago.
According to The Washington Post, the officials declined to identify the source of the newly provided weapons. However, there were apprehensions that the United States and its major European allies, along with Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were involved in supplying arms to the rebels. It is on record that security officials from these countries have formed a security coordination committee that consults regularly on events taking place in Syria.