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On 3rd of March more than 50 people have died with more than 200 injured due to a planted bomb blast. Houses and flats got damaged in the area and till this date people are in search of their belongings and bodies of their relatives. Consequently Karachi and other cities in Sind got closed on the next day bringing billions of loss to the businesses. Apparently this is being stated that one sect was the main target as has been done in Quetta and other parts of the country. But in fact the target was humanity and innocent people with different sects from young age to old one with no gender discrimination,
Such incident reminds us the acts of barbarians in different parts of the history. But apart from sentiments the questions are that who is responsible and what action was due and were taken to mitigate such kind of acts. Now we are entering in to second decade with such kind of acts that started on our entry in Afghanistan to support US war and now they have gained lot of momentum on entry of different players in the field.
On each loss of life the best tradition of any nation is to think the way outs for the eradication of such events. Abbas Town incident after Quetta incidents and daily target killings in Karachi now invite us to rethink on these matters. Still in case of Abbas Town killers have not been identified. Altaf Hussian has stated that within three days these killers should be arrested otherwise the businesses in Sind would be got closed in protest. He is right in saying this but the time is now to go above this statement and find way outs that such cases may not be repeated again.
For this first of all we require strong will of all political stake holders and parties with their stance on one page with no point scoring. Incidentally this is not like so at the moment. Some of them do have soft stance against such groups who are involved in such activities Talks with Taliban are in the air. Negotiations with any one are not a bad thing. But what about tolerance about groups who are killers of innocent people. All political parties are advised to condemn such acts with strong words with no if and buts. Second comes the government. Take it granted no government or even police or defense forces can negotiate with such events. This requires the whole society to stand up against such acts and evil doings.
With the support of all political parties and whole society, government and defense forces should devise strategies to nip this evil in the bud
Now it is the time to go beyond just calling strikes and closing businesses. Actual test of our nation is ahead of us and we all should go forward collectively to avoid further loss of life and property in future.