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The general public may love gossiping as a good pastime but certainly does not suit the political leaders, which ironically also suffer from the bad habit of mudslinging. Since most of them have little on their credit they try to undermine others by mudslinging, a game which is also enjoyed by the general public. However, people living in other countries start believing attributed misdeeds as national character. During last five years PML-N leveled all sorts of allegations against the ruling coalition by terming itself friendly opposition. However, it never gathered the courage to move 'non-confidence move' against the prime minister or impeach the president. Since PML-N ruled Punjab that has nearly 65 per cent of Pakistan's population it was part and parcel of the ruling junta and not the opposition.
The lack of acumen of political leaders can be gauged from the fact that they know the date on which present assemblies will be dissolved. They are also aware of formation of the caretaker set up before the deadline expires. They know the stipulated procedure but have not developed consensus on the name of the person to be sworn in as caretaker prime minister and chief ministers. All of them claim to be patriotic Pakistanis, and there is no reason to doubt their integrity but it seems they can't find a few out of a population of nearly 200 million. The reason is simple that those who join the caretaker setup will not be able to take part in general election. They also fail in developing consensus on the names of technocrats, retired judges or ex-servicemen and there seems no immediate solution, they have wasted weeks and months and are adamant at plunging the country into another crisis.
In fact by this time all the formalities should have been completed. The failure to develop consensus clearly indicates lack of seriousness in ensuring rule of law in the country. There is Constitution, laws and rules that have to be followed by every citizen, as no one is above law. There should also be no immunity, special quotas or discretionary powers. It seems people buy party tickets only to make quick buck, irrespective of how. This encourages them to commit irregularities, demand speed money and seek special quotas. The amounts allocated for the development of constituencies are often embezzled or spent on areas which have vote bank.
It often seem that elected representatives take pride in violating rules, be it moving in cars with black glasses, open display of arms and even humiliating the citizens. This sickness is common in all the parties and even in those parties which claim to represent poor. As soon as they are elected they move to posh localities and even don't bother to listen to the genuine complaints of the residents of their constituencies.
Another common observation is that politicians develop their clouts as members of the family join different political parties, establishment and even defense forces. Therefore, be it the government of one or another party they remain in power. The same faces also surround dictators only to get access to power corridor. This may sound a little hash but their sole objective is 'we are with the winner not the loser'. During Ayub Khan's era his own brother was leader of opposition and the tradition still continues. Therefore, there is a need to change the system not the faces.