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By: Muhammad Arif
Muhammad Arif

No body knows exactly in Pakistan the reason for General Mushraf return.
His one-man legal team who is known for his history since his father supervised Bhagat Singh,s (freedom fighter) hanging and he himself remained instrumental in Bhutto's hanging has very Cleary said that he has returned with the backing of some invisible hands and this is enough to understand the reason for his return.
However different conspiracy theories are in the air mainly due to media sensational needs but common man is confused on this move.
A positive approach can be that in democratic setup every one is free to express his views and to participate in political and oncoming election activities but frankly speaking his arrival at Karachi Airport and than press conference with layers of fear on his face and abrupt sentences are giving some other signals. If he is so afraid with security threats which every political leader in Pakistan has and is not ready to mix with people on streets than how he can go further in resolving their problems and can become part of democratic process.
He is participating elections from Chitral and Karachi mainly on the backing of MQM and Prince of Chitral that has yet to be confirmed. On his entry at Sind High Court with lot of security staff provided by the government and his own sources, he received visible reaction from lawyers' community who was looking quite fierce on his arrival. An incident of throwing shoe on him also took place.
But taking aside such incidents Pir Paggara has very interestingly commented that he could not understand the reason of Mushraf arrival and if some body has told him to return to Pakistan than they were wrong. Frankly speaking he has been ill advised.
But the things are not as straight as they are on face. First Allam Qadri arrived with more than 60 websites, international network, some followings in Pakistan and with Canadian nationality in his pocket to disrupt the election process. However on resistance from all political parties and clear stance of Supreme Court his plan failed. He returned back to Canada after making a deal with the Government. Now his followers who are famous for talking too loud on media with filthy language are taking stance that government has backed out.  Going forward they have announced for demonstrations on the polling date. However this move is now going less attractive and not very conducive in the current situation when election process is gaining momentum.
Coming to General Mushraf arrival, his return is based on perception that his period was better than last five years so people in Pakistan would favor him. However he forgot the reality that lot of water has also flown during last five years and political institutions in spite of their non deliverance to the public have got some stability and roots in the public. The supporters of Musharaf claims that economic indicators and law and order situation was better in his time. But what about handing over PK to MMA in 2002 elections that supported Taliban. This paved way for bringing Taliban in full control of Swat, North and South Waziristan. This all arrangement was allowed to get support of MMA to legitimize his rule in the parliament. Now in last five years the Swat and South Waziristan are again in control of Pakistan. Only the issue of North Waziristan stands to be settled. Secondly who allowed Drone attacks in Pakistan that has now become a matter of concern for any government in Pakistan? This has now become a highly sensitive issue. Two way outs are there to sort it out. Either to fire on Drones as one of previous Air Force Chief once said or to go for its halt through negotiations. Every one knows that what consequence can be of firing a Drone. Some circles give example of Iran in this regard. But be realistic. Iran has oil and Gas as its resources. Secondly it has a strong political system with elections in time. Remember that in spite of such strong points GDP growth rate of Iran is less than 1%, unemployment is 16.2% and inflation in Iran is above 21% and its currency i.e. Irani Rial against one dollar is IR 12250. So Iran's economy is in turmoil due to international sanctions. With rich natural resources Iran can sustain it but Pakistan can not sustain it for a single day. So we have to be realistic and get away from pure rhetoric's. Factually speaking the Drones and Taliban's the two main threats allowed by Mushraf to strengthen his regime have now become the main threats for Pakistan. Now after losing Swat and South Waziristan the Taliban's have spread in whole Pakistan with small pockets and now they are fighting their last battles in fragmented form every where in Pakistan.
Now coming to better economic indicators in Musharaf period, what about historical flows that were received in Pakistan after nine eleven incident. How they were wasted in the name of consumer economy by importing TVs, cars, fridges etc etc with no supply chain and no investment on developmental projects. What Pakistan got by keeping its budget deficit to less than 2%. It would have been better if it would have been kept at above 5-6% and Government would have gone for borrowing at 3-4% for 10-15 years and would have invested that amount on long term projects especially on energy. This would have brought better face for Pakistan in 2013 and Pakistan would have been in better condition to sustain external shocks coming through increase in oil crisis and US and EU economies going under severe recession onward 2008.
But this does not mean that governments in the last five years have performed better. They have done worst on corruption and governance side but apart from that they have paved the way for democratic process which is pinching to those circles who remained the main beneficiary of corruption during last 65 years including people like Allama Qadri and Mushraf.
Now it is very much clear that all these circles are working to disrupt the elections by sketching very bleak picture about election process. They are portraying time and again that coming elections would be the bloodiest elections in Pakistan. To support their arguments pockets of Taliban and groups like these are working vehemently. Brain washed young people with age of 13-30 are being used for bomb attacks. How cruel these people and groups are with no value of human life for them. But what we can expect from people like these who are proud of Kargil war with loss of thousands of Pakistani. An ordinary student of warfare knows that without having air shelter and no back up no war plan can get success. But fanatically we saw this move in 1999 and Musharaf is proud of such ill planned move. More interestingly Sh. Rasid.Film Star Meera and her mother also holds the same views about oncoming elections.
Going forward elections are very near. Baluch nationalist parties have joined the elections. Neutral governments and election commission are in command. Every political party has joined the election process.Imran Khan as another alternate is emerging. Unity like this can solve the problems of Pakistan and unfortunately people like Allama Qadri and Mushraf are working to tarnish such efforts. But they should remember that history does not go back. Every institution in Pakistan is now in process of transition and to come in its limits. This is the future of Pakistan.