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Even those who were the worst critics of the last PPP-led coalition government have not been able to create 'electionaria'. Rumormongers have been able to create a perception that the caretaker government is just a shadow of President Asif Ali Zardari. They are also busy in spreading disinformation that the election may not be held within 90 days. As the prevailing picture is getting blurry one could also see growing pessimism among the people.
Though, it is being said that in the forthcoming election youth will play the decisive role, party tickets have been given to 'opportunists' and those who wish to be part of the winning team. It is evident that no single party will be able to win simple majority and will have to join hands with other parties. That means yet another coalition government which will have to spend more time and money to keep the partners together rather than taking some radical steps to pull the country out of shamble.
The funny stories published by the media about the contestants also show the IQ level of those who are seeking mandate from the general public. It may not be wrong to say that those who have succeeded in getting the tickets must have contributed 'substantial' amounts towards party fund. Therefore, their first objective should be to make as much money as possible and as quickly as possible. This creates suspicions that they would also become part of a corrupt system and proliferate the graft culture in the country.
Youth want a change but country's politics seem to move around 'old ducks', which insist on maintaining status quo rather than bring a change. This bread has kept their vote bank illiterate, only to keep them dependent on clan chiefs. This clan culture in not restricted to Balochistan but prevails over throughout Pakistan. Under the prevailing system, members cast their vote in favor of the chief or his nominee and any one disobeying him has to face the consequences.
It is evident that in India and Pakistan 'Dynasty' system prevails. If in India Nehru family has remained in power, in Pakistan Bhutto family has remained in power. Since dismissal of Bhutto government by Ziaul Haq Sharif family has remained in power. It is also most likely that on wards their offspring will rule the country.
It is true that Z A Bhutto brought a radical change in Pakistani politics. His successors solicit vote in his name but never make any attempt to fulfill in promise, Roato, Kapra and Makan.  Some of the cynics even go to the extent of saying that the last government has snatched these things from people who had and are keeping majority on paltry stipend, managed under Benazir Income Support Program.
Similarly Sharifs have followed many politically motivated programs i.e. yellow cabs, sasti roti, laptops etc. but beneficiaries have always been the jialas rather than the masses. They are once again soliciting vote on the please that they were never given an opportunity to serve the people, which sounds a hoax call keeping in view the length of period they have remained in power.
Over the years only rich have ruled and exploited people and hardly any significant number of representatives of middle class was elected. Even some of those who managed to reach the assemblies soon became like others.