Sab Ke Liye

Islamic Banking System has its roots in economic guidelines as laid down by Quran, Sunnah and Islamic Jurisprudence. As far as Islamic banking practices are concerned, these are not new concepts but have been derived from the guidelines of Quran and Sunnah and practices of Muslims.
Islamic banking and finance is looking strange to us in this era while in reality, the picture is entirely different.
What is the reason behind this ignorance of Muslims?
If we go back to our history, we would observe that after the downfall of Muslim Empires in different regions of the world, the regulation and practices adopted by the Muslims were gradually replaced with the secular system.
The recent financial distress has revived a demand for real economic system; the Islamic Model. Banking today is the main hub of economic activities. A severe need was felt to reform the conventional system of banking based upon interest which is against the principles of Shariah. The Muslim scholars and economists have strived hard to present a model of Islamic banking system that complies with the fundamental principles of Shariah. Today Islamic banking industry is a viable reality standing parallel to the conventional banking system with the continued rising trend.
United Bank Limited (UBL) was awarded an "Islamic Banking License" by the State Bank of Pakistan in 2006. UBL started Islamic Banking, under the name of UBL Ameen Islamic Banking, with the intention to revive the real Islamic economic concepts and practices and increase the awareness of the Islamic economic concept among the public.
At present, UBL Ameen has a network of 14 dedicated branches i.e. 04 in Karachi, 02 in Lahore, 02 in Peshawar and 01 each in Hyderabad, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan, Sialkot and Islamabad with a number of supporting windows and intends to open new branches and windows across Pakistan to expand the branch network. The customers can access to and make transactions in their accounts not only from UBL Ameen's dedicated branches but also through 1200+ UBL Online branches across Pakistan.
From the outset, UBL Ameen has been striving to maintain good relationship with our esteemed customers to provide the best service level possible with new and innovative products keeping in view the financial requirement of all segments. Our products and services do not only fulfill the diverse requirements of different segments of the society but also comply with the laws of Shariah as our whole work is inspired by only one source i.e. Shariah.
All products and services are offered after the development process which is approved by Shariah Advisor under State Bank of Pakistan's policies and procedures for Islamic Financial Institutions.