People stage protest in Kabul against Ghani and Abdullah

KABUL: A large number of Kabul residents and civil society activists on Friday staged protests in different groups in Kabul, marching through Zanbaq Circle, where a massive blast claimed at least 100 lives and wounded almost 600 others on Wednesday.
The protestors said they will march through the Presidential Palace to raise their voice against insecurity and the recent deadly incidents in the country, the Afghan media reported.
The protests started at 8:00 am Kabul time in various parts of the city including Khairkhana in Kabul's PD15, the airport road and Kote Sangi in Kabul's west. 
The protestors chanted slogans against security heads and against the National Unity Government leaders - President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah.
They claimed that government leaders have failed to ensure the safety of Afghans across the country. They called for the resignation of heads of security agencies, particularly the head of the National Security Council, the National Directorate of Security and the interior minister. 
Members of the rally also urged government to execute Taliban and other insurgents' prisoners. A number of roads in the central parts of Kabul were closed following the protests. Reports indicate that a number of protestors were holding weapons during the rally.  
This comes after questions were raised as to how the sewerage tanker used in Wednesday's deadly truck bombing managed to reach the heart of Kabul city laden with explosives. 
The blast site is just a few hundred meters from the Presidential Palace and the CEO's office and in the immediate vicinity of numerous embassies. 
The explosion took place just after Zanbaq Circle - where between 25 and 30 routes converge, while each route leading to the circle has between two and five check points. 
As such, the fact that this truck managed to reach the heart of the city has raised concerns among the public and MPs. - NNI