A cop will execute Kasab

MUMBAI: No hangman will be called in to execute gunman Ajmal Kasab, Indian media quoting state prison officials reported on Thursday. 
Kasab will have the noose around his neck tightened by police personnel.
"It is a misconception that there is a hangman who executes the death penalty. The scary looking guy who hangs convicts is a creation of movies," says Swati Sathe, DIG (headquarters).
Sathe was earlier the jailor of Arthur Road prison where Kasab is lodged in a high-security cell.
"Police personnel of the rank of constables and below like sipahis prepare for the hanging like setting up the rope and putting the black cloth on the convict's head. According to the prison manual, it's the jail superintendent who pulls the final bolt," said Sathe, adding, "If my seniors order me even I would have to do it. I would have not flinched if I was ordered to hang Kasab."
The last hanging in Maharashtra reportedly took place 17 years ago. Sudhakar Joshi, a resident of Alibaug, was hanged in 1995 for the triple murder of his employer and his two children. In 1992, Sukhdev Singh Sukha and Harjinder Singh Jinda who had assassinated former Army chief General Arun Kumar Vaidya faced the gallows.
Death sentences in the state are generally carried out at Pune's Yerwada jail and the Nagpur Central prison. It will remain to be seen whether the state now transfers Kasab to these jails for carrying out the death sentence or if he will be kept in the high security prison cell where he has been incarcerated since his arrest. -Online