Shama Suleman Moria

Chikungunya is a viral disease which is caused by infected female mosquito's bites these mosquitos can be found in daylight mostly peak time is in early morning and late afternoon. Chikungunya first time described during eruption at southern Tanzania in 1952, this RNA virus belongs to the alpha virus genus from To gaviridae family, Word chikungunya belongs to kimakonda language. The prevalence of chikungunya disease found around 60 countries including Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Epidemiology of chikungunya and dengue fever is similar with very short incubation period.
Chikungunya is most common viral disease now a days in Pakistan, It can be characterized by, Fever, sever joint pain, muscular pain, headache, fatigue, nausea, mouth ulcer, and body rashes, Onset of illness arises between 04 to 08 days but can be till 12 days, disease can be persist till 02 months from its Onset. Diagnosis of chikungunya based on history with common clinical features with context an appropriate exposure and travel history because symptom and epidemiology of chikungunya are very similar to dengue fever .Treatment of this disease are unknown , only symptomatic treatment provide , like anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killer, antipyretic according to patients sign and symptoms, recommended guide lines according to national guide lines , paracetamole 1gm three to five times in a day for fever in adult and for children may be given  50 - 60 grams per kg body weight  per day in divided doses, antihistamine can be given for itching and monitoring should be necessary  during medication for adverse side effects of NSAIDS. There is no specific treatment available and no vaccine as well for prevention from this viral infection. Health care concerns only control by appropriate management at community level through awareness and health education.
This is  very common viral infection now days in Pakistan. Especially in that area's where, there are no proper cleaning facilities available. Pharmaceutical companies using this disease as a money making opportunity and some are convincing people for self-medication, Doctors are getting incentive from blood test laboratories after writing unnecessary investigation for diagnosis purpose and overburdened to community, after this extensive exercise , however these investigation are extra burdened for non-affording patients. People has less information about this disease and they are trying wrong medicine which are not curing them. We have to aware people regarding this viral disease and counsel about  infection which is having certain time period and will be subside after complete its duration but unfortunately unethical practices very common here and they avail these chance as a mony making opportunity, In Karachi mostly quacks are sitting in every street of Karachi and they are used to for unethical practices and prescribe wrong medication, use to dexamethasone are very common in small unregistered clinics who have long term side effects but nobody here to monitor and take action against him, Malir, Korangi , Ibrahim Hyderi, Shah Faisal Colony, Gothra colony and many overcrowded areas effected from this virus in Karachi.
 There is no proper health care facilities available in government level due to poor governance .Government should be take action against polluted garbage and instruct to municipal departments for proper disposal of west. Assign groups for medicated spray in particular affected areas and facilities it hard to stop growth of mosquito that is main resource. Public health stakeholders should arranges local health camp in community to aware people against spread of this disease. Secondly every person should keep our surrounding clean. Pharmaceutical Companies need to arrange small clinic for its cure despite of advertising for self-medication and miscommunicate the community against this disease.