Bullets only way to deal Kashmiri youth: Ganga

SRINAGAR: In total disrespect to human values and democratic norms, puppet senior minister from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Chandra Prakash Ganga, has said the youth in Kashmir should be dealt with bullets.
According to Kashmir Media Service (KMS), the minister was seen in a video clip that has gone viral on social networking sites as saying, "They are traitors. There is only one remedy for them and that is bullets. And if not bullets, they should be handed over such a punishment like the youth who are beaten with sticks by forces."
"Take my word that next time they (the youth) won't throw stones," he said.
The statement from the BJP leader comes at a time when there is outrage in Kashmir over a video clip in which a youth is seen tied to an army jeep as a human shield. For the past one week, several videos have appeared on the social networking sites in which Kashmiri youth are seen being beaten by Indian forces.
While one video shows forces beating three youths and forcing them to raise anti-Pakistan slogans. In another video, a soldier slaps and hits teenage boys held inside a vehicle, forcing them to raise anti-Pakistan slogans. One of the boys with his face wounded by the beating is shown crying. "Did you see the video in which the youth are raising anti-Pakistan slogans?" asks the Minister in the video clip. The video has surfaced at a time when the BJP's ally in the regime, the People's Democratic Party (PDP) is facing criticism in Kashmir over the deteriorating human rights situation and the cases of human rights violations by Indian troops are coming to the fore. - NNI