SC decision a victory of democracy, justice

WASHINGTON: Pakistani Americans living in the United States Thursday hailed the decision of the Supreme Court on Panama case as the victory of democracy and justice and said those demanding resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should be held for contempt of court for refusing to accept the judgement of the apex court.
Talking to media soon after a 5-member bench of the Supreme Court announced the judgment in Islamabad, they expressed full confidence in country's superior judiciary and said the split decision showed that the country's judiciary is an independent entity and was working without any political pressure and taking decision on merit.Several Pakistani Americans who remained glued to their televisions to watch Pakistan news called APP to give their reaction on the Supreme Court verdict in a sign of solidarity with their motherland. "We watched the whole proceedings of the court from thousands miles away from our motherland and we feel proud to say that Pakistan of today is truly a democratic country where everyone is equal before the law," President of a US-based group Pakistan Link Hamid Malik said.-NNI