PHC urges SC for suo moto action on forced conversions, abductions

KARACHI: Pakistan Hindu Council, during its emergency meeting held on Sunday, has appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan for taking Suo Moto action against the horrific rise of kidnappings, forced conversions and forcibly marriages of non-adult immature Hindu girls in the Sindh province. 
According to a press statement Sunday, the meeting was attended by Patron-in-chief and Member National Assembly Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani along with Hotchand Kirmani, Paman Lal Rathi, Dr Deepak Kumar, Raja Asar Mal and others to review the situation in the context of recent abduction of Hindu minor girl named Ravita Meghwar from Tharparkar district. The situation in the area from where Ravita is kidnapped is still very tense and the victim family is reportedly forced to leave the home.  
Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, who is also a prominent parliamentarian, demanded the early recovery of abducted Hindu girl and said that such incidents can be termed as social crimes in any civilized society but in Sindh, hate-mongered elements are presenting as a good deed under the garb of religion. He said that Islam is a religion of peace and Pakistan Hindu Council has never oppose of embracing Islam as a result of preach or self-consent. 
"Situation in Sindh is entirely different where the focus is only to convert Hindu kidnapped girls with a sole purpose of marrying without their consent," he said, while adding that majority of Pakistani people are peace-loving and believe in respect of others but few elements are damaging the repute of the country and nation on international level.
Dr Ramesh Vankwani, while criticizing the Sindh Government, said that returning of unanimously passed bill in the Sindh Assembly for the protection of minorities is a proof that provincial government has become hostile to the religious pressure groups. 
He told that in another incident, fifteen years old Hindu girl Ganga daughter of Jodho Harijan is also kidnapped by Qasim Hajam and forcibly converted to marry at gun point. He said that the rise of such horrific incidents not only show the failure of provincial government for providing security to the Non-Muslim community but also impacting very badly on the socio-psychological condition of peaceful minorities. He said that five thousand Pakistani Hindus are being forced to migrate every year while remaining poor community has no other option but to keep quite. 
Dr Ramesh Vankwani, while quoting the speech of Quaid-e-Azam of 11th August, further said that constitution of Pakistan ensures to provide protection of all religious minorities. He was of the view that the motive behind 99% of such unwanted incidents is forced marriages with the Hindu girls. 
He regretted that population of Non-Muslims which was 23% at the time of independence is now reduced to just 6% and still few extremist elements are trying their hard to eliminate Non-Muslims completely. He also highlighted that Charter of Madina is a golden example for normalization of relations between a Muslim state and Non-Muslim citizens.