Blood of Kashmiris being spilled with impunity: Yasin

SRINAGAR: Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik paid tributes to the three slain militants and two civilians who were killed during an encounter in Arwani area of Anantnag district on Friday.
"Blood of Kashmiris is being spilled over with impunity and no one among international community seems to bother or care about it, which is criminal," Malik said in a statement.
"Illegal military occupation and continues denial of Indian leadership vis-a-vis the reality of Jammu Kashmir being a dispute is taking precious lives, ruining families and destroying peace and harmony of a whole region," he said.
JKLF chairman who is currently under incarceration said that "humanity is being trampled in Kashmir but no one in the world seems to bother or care which is criminal."
"Indian leadership is in a state of denial about the reality of Kashmir dispute and they want to suppress Kashmiri voice by military might and strengthen its military occupation by this suppression," he said, adding that "this attitude of India is responsible for the loss of precious lives of humans in Jammu Kashmir and is destroying families and ruining peace and harmony of our region."
He said that by pushing our young ones to the wall and denying them every space for peaceful struggle, India and the local government here have left no other means to them except sacrificing their lives for dignity and freedom and "we salute them for their valor and passion."
Praying for the speedy recovery of all those injured from last three days, Malik expressed condolences to the bereaved families of all those who lost their lives during these days and prayed for their patience.
JKLF delegations comprising of Syed Nisar Jeelani, Abdul Sattar, Maulvi Abdul Ahad, , Zahoor Ahmad and Shariz Ahamd visited Raidwani Kulgam and bandipora and participated in the funeral prayers and condolence meetings of martyrs Junaid Matto, Mohammad Ashraf and Naseer Ahmad sheikh.
Delegations expressed solidarity with their bereaved families. Meanwhile, Malik paid rich tributes to Syed Zia-Ud-Din Jeelani who was father of JKLF district president, Syed Nisar Jeelani.
"He and his family strived and sacrificed a lot for the freedom of Kashmir and today we pay homage to this great patriot," he said. Malik also expressed its heartfelt grief over the demise of Nazir Ahmad Bogami who was the brother of martyr Bashir Ahmad Bogami.
JKLF seniors including Muhammad Ramazan, Molvi Rashid, AA Sarwar, Tika Khan and Farooq Baigh visited Bogam Budgam and expressed solidarity with the bereaved family of the deceased. JKLF leaders prayed for the heavenly abode of the departed soul and also for the patience of his bereaved family.
Meanwhile Hurriyat Conference Chairman Syed Ali Geelani has blamed authorities and fanatical forces for preparing a ground for genocide of Muslim community in Jammu and said that Muslims in Jammu are being harassed on one pretext or the other.
In a statement, he warned of dire consequences if intimidations of Muslim community are not stopped forthwith. Geelani while refereeing to the recent incident in Ustad Mohalla in Jammu, strongly condemned police and civil authorities for their communal approach and said that not only RSS and other communal forces seem to be preparing a ground for another massacre of Jammu Muslims but even seem to be desperate to compel Muslim for major migration likewise that of 1947.
Blaming "Jan Sangh cadre" for their "feverish" activities, Geelani said that "these elements are hell-bent to declare Jammu a territory free from Muslim community.
Syed Ali Geelani while lashing at fanatical forces, said that RSS and BJP through its jingoistic and so-called "Ghar Wapsi" like dogmatic ideology are hell-bent to convert all muslims to Hindu and whosoever will dare to resist will either be killed or compelled to leave his birthplace.
Syed Ali Geelani said that that these forces are working on manifold policies. On one hand forces have been vested with unbridled powers and they kill whosoever comes in their way, while as Zafrani Brigade in Jammu has been given free hand to go for genocide in Jammu city, Geelani added.
They are carrying their agenda in a planned manner, said Geelani while referring to recent incidents in Ustad Mohalla and other Muslim dominated localities in Jammu.
Syed Ali Geelani said that it has proved beyond doubt that local administration including ADC and police too are a part of this dirty game plane and are preparing to repeat 1947 like situation in Jammu.
Geelani warned administration and fanatical forces and said any misadventure against Muslim community will not go unnoticed and even a flare can lead to an explosive and uncontrollable situation.
Geelani in his statement addressed to Muslim communities in Jammu, valley Chenab and Pirpanchal, said that they need not to worry. We stand with them, said Geelani and added that, "We will do whatever is possible and won't leave Muslim community in Jammu at the mercy of these fanatical forces," said Geelani. 
Meanwhile, Syed Ali Geelani while blaming India for bloodshed in Kashmir expressed his concern over appalling situations in valley and said that authorities instead of following realistic approach are pursuing their haughty and devious agenda.
Geelani in his telephonic address to mourners at Kulgam and Pampore, paid his rich tributes to brave hearts including Junaid Matto, Adil Ahmad and civilians slain during Arwani gunfight.
Geelani said that our brave hearts are laying their life for a sacred cause and their sacrifices won't go waste. Quoting Holy Quran Geelani while referring the verse saying "Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord. They rejoice in the Bounty provided by Allah.
Extending condolences with bereaved families, Syed Ali Geelani said that a true Muslim reposes his faith only in Almighty Allah and added that we are dutybound to follow and carry mission of martyrs. It will be a best tribute if we stay away from bargaining against material gains and personal interests, said Geelani.
Ridiculing those in power corridors, Geelani said that they are least interested in common people and have bartered for perks and enjoying luxuries and power. Our youngsters are facing death and destruction, said he and added that unending curbs on political activities and continuous detention of resistance leadership has created political uncertainty in state and as such our youth are quite disheartened with prevailing situation as peaceful activities are denied,".
Geelani while referring to awful situation in detention centers and police lockups, said that "people particularly youth are subjected to third degree torture by police authorities.", said Geelani in his telephonic address and added that our properties are vandalized and razed to ground.
Referring to ploy and deceit played by Delhi and its stooges, Geelani said that they have deployed NIA sleuths and resistance leaders are being harassed and fictitious cases filed against them. It is a well thought out plan and ploy to defame movement and harass leadership.
They are targeting our economy, said Geelani and blamed "stubborn attitude" of New Delhi for "continuous bloodshed in Kashmir". Geelani said that "since last several decades people in state are facing war like situations".
Geelani said that our movement is indigenous and while referring to historical background said that Kashmir was never a part of India, instead a disputed territory and people have yet to decide their political destiny I assure you, said Geelani while addressing mourners and added that we will do away with this slavery and emerge as a victorious nation. - NNI