No power can drive me out of people's hearts: Nawaz

GUJRANWALA: Ex-prime minister disqualified under the Article 62 and Article 63, Nawaz Sharif has claimed on Friday that no power can drive him out of people's hearts.
The ousted premier addressed a rally in Gujranwala that predominantly houses PML-N supporters and in his address he said that there were conspiracies being hatched against the government for the past three years.
Ex-PM said that the government was successfully curbing terrorism and crime incidence across Pakistan but "they" toppled his government. He once again claimed credit for turning Pakistan into an atomic power.
Nawaz Sharif said that his mandate-given government was toppled after two and a half years twice. He asserted that all the premiers of Pakistan were irreverently ousted.
After a pre-teen boy was crushed to death in Lalamusa by an alleged security vehicle of the convoy, Nawaz announced in his address, to visit late boy s grieving family and offer compenation in whichever way it is going to be feasible. He prayed for peace for the bereaved family and the hailed the boy as a martyr.
Earlier in Gujrat today, he addressed workers rally and claimed that his government provided employement, eradicated power outages and elevated the economy. "Everyone would have become employed if I had stayed," he said. Even the judges admitted that Nawaz Sharif committed no corruption, he added.
Former PM said, "Your votes were torn down … millions of people elected me as PM and a few people made me ineligible. This joke has been repeated for the past 70 years." Without naming PTI Chairman Imran Khan, he said he is aware of the conspiracy backed by certain people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).
While talking about his disqualification, he stated it has happened to be for the third time, adding that no father takes salary from his son. A crowd roared a 'no' when he asked whether should sit in his home. Nawaz Sharif asked for peoples' support, warning them that the country would struggle if such ousters reoccur.
We will all stand up against this system and no one can stop Pakistan from progressing, he announced while hoping to change the destiny of the country. He equated his public mandate with the honour of 20 million population, reaffirming his claim of no involvement in corrupt practices.
Before concluding his address, he chanted slogans of 'Pakistan Zindabad'.
The 'homecoming rally' of Nawaz Sharif, who was ousted by Supreme Court (SC) under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution in Panama Leaks case, has continued its journey towards Lahore via Grand Trunk Road after short stay in Gujrat. Sharif's cavalcade will reach Gujranwala today, where it would likely to spend night and will leave for Lahore on Saturday morning.
The former PM thanked his supporters for warn welcome in Lalamusa and said that nation has seen through the order delivered by the top court. He rhetorically asked whether the people had accepted the court's decision.
Workers displayed banners, flexes, party flags and posters while following the cavalcade and more than 6,000 security personnel were deployed for security as the GT homecoming rally is faced with security threats.
Addressing the rally after reaching Jhelum, Nawaz Sharif said that he had promised to do whatever it took to take Pakistan towards prosperity and things have improved a lot during the last four years.
"The parties that were going into a different direction in Balochistan, were brought into the mainstream. We made a coalition government there. We saved Karachi from the menace that it was under in 2013. Today, motorways are being made throughout the country and the economic resurgence is underway", he continued.
He said that he was ousted by 5 judges in just 1 minute. "Isn't it a disgrace to the people of Pakistan that 5 honourable judges ousted the PM who you had voted to power? The people should ask them why they ousted Nawaz Sharif when he had done no corruption", he said.
"I want to ask why they ousted me. Someone tell me why I was ousted. There were no charges of corruption or kickbacks on me. Did they oust me because Pakistan was progressing and the poor were getting employment", he said. He said that the nation will avenge everything that had been done with him. "If you hold these people accountable for their deeds now then Pakistan will surely survive", he added.
Meanwhile, thousands of people have greeted former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Gujranwala, a stronghold of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). Addressing the gathering, Nawaz Sharif said that he would never forget the reception he was accorded in Gujranwala. "I will never forget this massive show of love and affection for my entire life. I am blessed by the love of Gujranwala."
"I wanted to go to Lahore today. By I was stopped by Gujranwala. When I was leading a long march to restore judges and when I reached Gujranwala, judges were restored." "You had made Nawaz Sharif the prime minister and now Nawaz Sharif has been thrown out," he said. "My mission is not to become the prime minister, but my question is why I was ousted?"
"I was thrown out because my opponents knew that they will have no chance if I succeed in my mission to steer Pakistan out of crises." "I had been facing conspiracies for the last three and half years. Despite conspiracies, we put the country on the path of progress." "Even those who ousted me from power knew that wasn't involved in any corruption."
"Will you hold accountable to those who threw me out for making Pakistan a nuclear power?" "I want to ask whether there was any respect for the mandate of 200 million people. Can you accept this? This can happen only in Pakistan." "How unfortunate this country is where not a single prime minister wasn't allowed to complete his history? You take a vow that you will not allow this to happen again."
"Did you accept the court's decision? Can you tell me why have I been ousted? Which corruption I committed? Even the judges believe that I'm not involved in corruption… My appeal is only in people's court," Sharif said.
Before entering Lahore, the caravan will stop at various small towns and cities, including Sarai Alamgir, Kharian, Lala Musa, Gujrat, and Wazirabad where it will be welcomed by party supporters.
Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resumed his homecoming journey from Jhelum where his caravan reached yesterday evening.
Accompanied by a large number of supporters as well as PML-N leaders and cabinet members, the ex-PM continued his journey to Lahore via GT Road in a show of political power. - NNI