Pakistan desires durable peace in Afghanistan: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Tuesday said that Pakistan had suffered massively due to instability in Afghanistan, but it was committed for a peaceful resolution of the Afghan issue.
Pakistan was more committed than any other country in the region for peaceful resolution of the Afghan issue, which should be Afghan-led and Afghan-owned, he told a group of media representatives from international outlets during an interview.
The prime minister reiterated that Pakistan was open to close cooperation as Pak-Afghan ties were decades old and could not be defined on the basis of one issue.
The issue of terrorism, of course, was an issue of concern for Pakistan as it had done most in addressing it, he added. "We had defeated it."more people succumbed to their burn wounds.
He said two women were among the three injured who were later taken to the Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi.
The official said the survivors are also in a critical condition official. The condition of the bodies is beyond recognition, so DNA tests were being carried out to ascertain the deceased's identities, he added.
Officials, however, believe that the bus driver was responsible for the accident as he had allegedly fallen asleep and lost control of the vehicle. Close to 9,000 road accidents are reported to the police every year since 2011, killing over 4,500 people on average, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. - NNI