AKU hosts third Annual Principals' Conference

Staff Reporter 
KARACHI: "Lifelong Learning systems not only equip students with valuable tools for personal development, but also represent a holistic approach that affects educators, parents and entire communities," said Dr Shehzad Jeeva, Director Agha Khan University Examination Board introducing the theme for this year's Principals' Conference held in Karachi.
 The annual conference is organized by the AKU-EB in partnership with the Oxford University Press (OUP).
"Our students face an increasingly globalized world, which places a heavy emphasis
 on a knowledge-based economy and multidisciplinary skills," said Dr Jeeva. "The challenge for educational institutions in Pakistan, therefore, is to inculcate a sense of intellectual curiosity and a passion for learning that goes beyond formal academic years
 within their students. And it is not only students that need to evolve into lifelong learners - this is a pertinent need for all of us and therefore requires system level change in education for teachers, parents, principals' and communities to develop into enduring pupils."
The conference, attended by over 360 principals from all over Pakistan, is the
 only event of its kind in the country that brings together a diverse group of school leaders on a single platform and showcases original classroom research. Thirty one abstracts were presented on issues such as formative assessment in primary schools, case studies of educational institutions serving impoverished communities and the role of inquiry as a dynamic teaching learning approach.
The "Education for all - Vision 2030" panel saw leaders in Pakistani education like Baela Raza Jamil, Abbas Rashid and Irfan Muzaffar came together to discuss methods for inclusivity, quality education and lifelong learning in a local context.