Rent-a-motorcycle business booming in Punjab

MULTAN: With the growing needs of transportation among the masses, the business of rent-a-motorcycle is becoming popular, especially in rural areas of South Punjab.
A number of people have established motorcycle rental shops in almost all cities, towns and villages of the region, while some citizens are running this as a part time business.
Khawaja Zafar, owner of a rent-a-motorcycle shop in Multan, said that he is running the business for the last 12 years. He added that Rs25 per hour is charged from the citizens, who avail a motorcycle on rent.
He claimed, "It is a good business and I am earning a handsome amount." He informed that the rent charges for 125cc motorcycles are double the rent of 70cc two-wheelers.
About people's requirement for motorcycles, Zafar maintained the use of bicycles has almost ended and a good number of people avail facility of rental bikes.
To a question he said that he provides motorcycles to citizens after checking their identity cards along with guarantee of any local known person.
Allah Dittah, a farmer and resident of Vehari, said he owns a motorcycle which he uses for domestic needs but it also serves as a source of earning for him.