Headlines: Ayaz, Hamza urge Imran to join hands for country‚Äôs progress     -     HRCP asks parties to focus on real issues, electoral reform
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65th Anniversary of The People's Republic of China2014/10/01

65 Years of New China - A Success Story2014/10/01

Chinese Counsalate Karachi celebrated 65th anniversary of China on September 30th, 20142014/10/01

Message on 65th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China2014/10/01

Compiled by  Shabbar Naqvi

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a lawyer, politician, and the founder of Pakistan.[1] Jinnah served as leader of the All-India Muslim League from 1913 until Pakistan's independence on 14 August 1947, and as Pakistan's first Governor-General from independence until his death. He is revered in Pakistan as Quaid-i-Azam (Great Leader) and Baba-e-Qaum (Father of the Nation). His birthday is observed as a national holiday. ...

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